LATEST NEWS-Spring/Summer 2018:

ANIMAL AVENGERS has many projects we're involved with at the moment. We have a new project in the works called Rhino Review. It's the first of at least five reviews we are planning in the future. We've also been able to support Flying For Freedom SA with some much needed equipment & have provided the Rhino Pride Sanctuary with on the ground security for three months. More funds are needed though & your help & collaboration is welcomed with open arms.

Please contact us today! 

We are proud to highlight and support the work of our following friends in Africa...


flying for freedom south africa

We have been so excited to be able to buy Flying For Freedom South Africa's Tokkie Botes the equipment he desperately needed. He just received the custom helmet and two pair of special night vision goggles we were able to purchase for him after an extremely fun and successful fundraiser in New York City!...  Flying For Freedom

rhino pride foundation

We have been helping the Rhino Pride Foundation with 24 hour security for their sanctuary for at least three months. We're also looking forward to purchasing bullet-proof vests for their new sniffer dogs on the farm.... Rhino Pride


Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust

Animal Avengers has assisted with some work in Pilanesberg, helping to fund the first ever cast put on a rhino who had a gunshot wound to her leg.... Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust ›


We were so excited to bring supplies to the vets of Aware Trust and be able to purchase a custom elephant tracking collar to assist them with their life-saving work... AWARE Trust ›


Friends of hwange

We proudly supported Friends Of Hwange with diesel for their current pumps, a GoPro to help record their work and a new solar powered water pump!...  Friends of Hwange ›