People are always asking how they can help. Well, there's no one easy answer to that. It depends on so many things, like what & who's available to you personally, your strengths, your abilities...even your drive.

So I thought I'd start putting together this page, an ongoing list that I will always be updating & adding to. I want to give you ideas of what YOU can do. Then it's up to you to decide what resonates with you. Then the rest is up to you. And if you have ideas of things I can add to this list, please let me know! Email me at & share your thoughts & ideas.

We are all stronger together. This is a full blown war & there is strength in numbers. All ideas welcome!


  • Donating is always #1 on the list. I don't say that just to solicit funds. I say that because I have seen what is needed to protect the animals in Africa and none of it's cheap. The poaching syndicates have a lot of money & the only way to win this war is to have the proper equipment on our side. An overview of some of what I have seen that is desperately needed is: layers of fencing & very specific cameras to surround the properties housing lots of rhino, proper (again, very specific) equipment for the rangers & anti-poaching units, supplies to allow those protecting the rhino/animals to be out in the field for a week or two at a time with no break, diesel for the pumps at the watering holes for the animals, fuel for helicopters to respond to incursions as well as to transport local police detectives to crime scenes, etc.


  • Do you have access to equipment or know someone who does? Or even a way to discount the equipment needed? I'm talking Infrared, night-vision, thermal equipment like scopes, binoculars, cameras, etc.


  • Do you have access to free or inexpensive camping type of gear? The rangers need things like heavy-duty rain gear, boots, hats, tents, sleeping bags, water packs, water filters & believe it or not, they even need food in many cases. I was told about some rangers who would just take loaves of bread with them into the bush to survive on for a week because it was the easiest, cheapest thing they could find. These guys (the honest, beautiful souls) really do their jobs for the love of the animals. It's a low paying position that is often very thankless & lonely.


  • Do you work in politics or know someone who does? I do believe our government is going to have to push the South African government & hold them accountable. There's absolutely no reason for them not to implement an immediate, emergency law that would allow the animals to be protected by whatever means necessary.


  • Do you own a business, for example jewelry? Would you like to create an exclusive piece for us where all, or a percentage, of profits for that piece help the animals?


  • Are you an editor? We're looking for someone to help us edit footage we've filmed in the field for an upcoming project.


  • Do you own or have access to a vehicle in South Africa or Zimbabwe that can be donated?


  • Do you have donations that can be sold for cash? This is a great way to clean out your home & make a difference at the same time!


  • Are you a doctor or vet? There is some very specific equipment needed in the bush to work on the animals on the fly. Portable ultrasound equipment is needed as well as some types of laser machines. Even veterinary supplies can all be put to very good use.


  • Please note that is becomes expensive to transport a lot of physical donations from the US. When priced out, it's often more cost effective to purchase the equipment in the country it's needed for. So please consider possible transport costs when considering large physical donations. Thank you so much for your support of the animals!