The roots of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation* reach back to 2001 in Los Angeles, California, when Shannon Elizabeth founded the non-profit Animal Avengers. By 2014, her awareness of broader conservation issues, particularly the developing poaching crisis in Africa, had grown to the extent that she wanted to help more animals and on a much bigger scale. This prompted her decision, in 2016, to settle in Cape Town, South Africa.


The remit of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation now embraces the organization’s own initiatives which include Animal Avengers as our youth conservation program, and our Wildlife Review Initiative under the curatorship of well-known conservation writer and editor Peter Borchert. These reviews are aimed at involving people at all levels in the great conservation issues of our time.


Through its program of grants, the Foundation also supports reputable organizations such as the Rhino Pride Foundation and Flying for Freedom SA. Lobbying for just and effective wildlife laws is a central thrust of the Foundation’s activities, while future goals include projects that champion responsible tourism and securing land to protect vital ecosystems.


The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation believes that the greatest achievements in conservation derive from cooperation and collective support for common goals. To this end, the Foundation is forging close associations with renowned organizations such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the African Wildlife Foundation, the Peace Parks Foundation and Global Wildlife Conversation among others.


* currently registered in the United States of America as Animal Avengers 501(c)(3), but in the process of being renamed the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.