The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation Bracelet

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation is proud to partner with Relate Bracelets with this, our first in a series of bracelets.  All proceeds from sales go to our various programs and initiatives. The bracelet is designed with collaboration in mind, and we invite you to partner with us in selling them as an opportunity to further your own philanthropic fundraising, or to profit directly from their sale – the choice is yours. THE THREAD THAT CONNECTS US Relate Bracelets is a…


Shannon Elizabeth – Hollywood to Africa (Part 1)

That Africa draws people to it is undeniable – every year hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world touch down somewhere on this astoundingly rich and diverse continent. For many it is for the holiday of a lifetime, a chance to immerse themselves in its primal landscapes; among ancient cultures and a diversity of life unmatched anywhere else. For some it is the start of a love affair with the continent and repeat visits throughout their lives.


Shannon Elizabeth – Hollywood to Africa (Part 2)

In 2015, American actress, Shannon Elizabeth Fadal, had made a whirlwind visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa to hand over donations raised in the US for projects here in Africa. Her mission was twofold, however, as just as important to her was to be in Africa to learn first hand about how she could make a meaningful, practical contribution to conservation efforts, especially regarding the havoc wrought by the poaching crisis. Personal and professional commitments had taken her back to…