Dr. Jana Pretorius

Rhino Pride Foundation

"Together we can ensure the survival of an iconic species. I believe this is possible." ... Dr. Jana Pretorius

The Rhino Pride Foundation is a non-profit (NGO) that came into being in 2015 after Dr. Jana Pretorius (Founder) realized that there is a great need for the physical protection of the remaining rhinos, thus to prevent poaching before it even happens. Coupled with this, of course, is the need to have measures in place for the rapid & appropriate response to poaching events to ensure that each poached animal gets the necessary veterinary help as soon as possible. 

The main objective of the Rhino Pride Foundation, a.k.a. RPF, is to generate funds to combat rhino poaching & its devastating effects, not only by managing the after-effects of attempted poachings, but by actually putting measures into place to prevent it from even happening!

Here at RPF we aim to achieve the following objectives:

- to ensure the general welfare of the rhinos

- to provide the necessary emergency relief & medical care to rhinos

- to rescue & rehabilitate victims of poaching

- to promote educational programs & empower communities to stand up against poaching

- to ultimately acquire land for the establishment of a Rhino Protection Zone (high security facility for the protection of rhinos)

Dr. Jana Pretorius, a native of South Africa, has a long record of working with & protecting animals. She currently cares for hundreds of animals, especially rhino!