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Shannon Elizabeth


Shannon was born in Texas where she grew up before eventually moving to Los Angeles, California to establish her successful acting career.  She has starred in over 50 films and television shows, including the global hits American Pie and Scary Movie.

Shannon has a deep and abiding respect for all life and is a staunch protagonist of a vegan lifestyle. In 2001, she began to follow her true life’s passion of saving animals by launching her non-profit, Animal Avengers, first as a dog and cat rescue operation and then with the broader remit of wildlife conservation.  Shannon continues her acting career, but her primary focus has become helping wild animals in Africa and elsewhere by whatever means necessary. In order to be hands on with her projects and to expand their scope and influence, Shannon moved to Africa in 2016 and now lives in Cape Town.

The media development of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation, especially the creating, production and editing of video content, will be a major aspect of Shannon’s ongoing work. In addition, Shannon continues to travel for acting and public appearances, speaking engagements and whenever needed to help animals in the hope of making the world an even better place.


Stephen Ham

Stephen has spent his life dedicated to the field of global conservation and most recently joined the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2016. Whether trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda or whale watching in Antarctica, Stephen is a passionate advocate for wildlife and the wild places they inhabit, particularly for Africa.

He received a degree in anthropology and environmental studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a returned volunteer with the United States Peace Corps where he served in Ghana, West Africa. Before moving into the role of Vice President of Individual Giving at Wildlife Conservation Society, Stephen was Senior Director with the African Wildlife Foundation. Stephen also spent years as a special assistant working alongside Dr. Jane Goodall.

When not looking for leopards, Stephen lives in the New York City area with his wife, two daughters and pup Daisy.

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Joseph Reitman

American actor, director, producer, and writer, Joe Reitman’s long list of achievements in television include roles in Happy!, Ray Donovan, Law & Order: SVU, Married with Children and NCIS: LA, as well as directing The Craig Ferguson Show. His notable film credits include Money Monster, The Perfect Storm, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clueless.

Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, Joseph grew up breakdancing on the streets and helping to run his parents’ business Brookline T-Shirts & Jeans. Music, entertainment and sports were a major part of his school and college life at Pitzer College in California where he majored in theater. Though never a singer, he auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music on a bet and was accepted. Joe also founded Animal Avengers together with Shannon in 2001.

Outside of his successful acting career, Joe enjoys speaking at high schools about the importance of being able to write, cruising on his Harley motorcycle, playing video games and hanging out with his rescue dogs. In his downtime, he teaches acting in Los Angeles whenever possible.


Jeffrey Tutor

With over 23 years of investment experience, Jeff Tutor and his team of associates joined the Tutor Group in 2016 and serve as the primary consultant of many significant relationships across the country. The Tutor Group maintains a focus on wealth preservation and appreciation through discretionary portfolio management, financial planning, and customized investment solutions to allow entities and individuals mobilize their resources and maximize their impact.

Along with his extensive experience in the handling of mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, private equity, and venture capital, Jeff also specializes in working with athletes, members of the entertainment industry, endowments, non-profit organizations, and private family offices.

Prior to joining Stifel, Jeff spent several years as a senior financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and UBS. He holds a B. A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Detroit Mercy and sits on the board as a consultant of several organizations and charitable foundations.

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Allyson Spellman

Multi-talented Allyson Spellman is a US TV personality, empowerment speaker, spokeswoman, Ms. New England States and is currently a show host at JTV Jewelry Television. As a lifestyle reporter she has appeared on more than 40 network TV stations nationwide.

While working in various capacities in the Broadway, television and film industry Allyson has also built a highly successful business and multi-media platform empowering women to follow their dreams through personal coaching, workshops and motivational speaking. She is passionate about giving back to society and making socially conscious decisions in her everyday life.

Allyson has been devoted animals and their well being all her life, but says that meeting Shannon changed her life, inspiring her to become an even louder voice for those who have none. After they met she knew there was no turning back or sitting on the sidelines any longer – she is committed to Animal Avengers and being active in saving our wildlife from extinction, suffering and abuse.

Her goal through her work with the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation is to create a ripple effect of positive change to influence people in the present and for future generations to honor our animals and the environment.


Norman Yatooma

Norman Yatooma, a graduate of Taylor University, founded Norman Yatooma & Associates P.C. (NYA) in August 2000. In the intervening years he has built NYA into a preeminent and nationally recognized full-service law firm, representing hundreds of corporate and individual clients on a domestic and international level. He is also a certified lobbyist, and as a Director of Charities Advocating Responsible Solutions, Inc., he has worked to oppose legislation that would have had a significantly negative effect on charitable giving.

Norman is involved in many charitable organizations, including being Founder and President of Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids founded in the name and memory of his late father. In addition to serving on the boards of many other charities, Norman conducts regular public speaking engagements for community groups and not-for-profit organizations. He has frequently been commended for his accomplishments in national and global media, including interviews by 60 Minutes, The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, CNBC Business News, Newsweek, Bloomberg News, and many others.

Above all, Norman states that his greatest accomplishment is being a loving husband to his wife Nicole, his sweetheart since elementary school, and proud father of four, Olivia, Gabriella, Sophia and Ava. And the achievement of which he is proudest?  “Having four daughters and having them all look like my wife,” he quips.