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We believe that global conservation and sustainability priorities are advanced in terms of public opinion and education programs, as well as donor awareness and philanthropic funding, when supported by credible, up to date and objective information freely shared in the true spirit of collaboration. Our Wildlife Review Initiative (WRI) aims to become a driving force in this endeavor by becoming the prime globally recognized hub of such information, and to better direct donor funds to the front line of conservation where it is needed most.

WRI aims to create a series of Reviews - digital content brands that focus on specific conservation or environmental crises.



The objective of each Review is:

  • to become globally recognized as the nucleus for regularly updated, unbiased and comprehensive information on the headlined topic via website and app platforms.

  • to provide downloadable PDF content - ultimately in multiple languages - and as support for education purposes at all levels, including schools, colleges, businesses and the general public worldwide.

  • to host regular summits for each individual Review in order to assemble like-minded people, program directors and the general public to debate opportunities for making a real and lasting impact into the future.

  • to provide video content for programs deemed to have the greatest impact in the context of each Review in order to help inform and guide donor dollars to achieve maximum results.

Rhino Review, the first in our series focusing on the situation regarding the five living species of rhino in Africa and Asia, is planned for launch later this year. This will be followed with Reviews on elephants, the great apes, the big cats and our oceans, amongst others.